Loungefly Exclusives Update

April 18, 2022

Hello to our Wizard of Oz collectors!

We have a small update regarding the remake of the Wizard of Oz x Loungefly products.
It was previously stated that this remake would be expected to arrive at the end of the year (worst case scenario). Our newest update has these expected to arrive into our warehouse around August/September of this year.

While we know this has been a long wait, we appreciate your patience.

As always, anyone not able or willing to wait please email us for a cancellation with a full refund.

Eight3Five team x 


March 10, 2022

Wizard of oz Updates


To everyone that pre ordered our Loungefly Wizard of Oz Exclusive collection, we thank you for your patience.

Here is the latest update:

Unfortunately this exclusive collaboration with Loungefly has had multiple delays. As this is not a standard off the shelf design for Loungefly our design requests have caused their manufacturers issues that neither we nor Loungefly could have anticipated.

To ensure the product met our highest standards we requested Loungefly undertake an internal QC before releasing this product to us. Loungefly discovered that 97%+ of this product launch was faulty and did not meet ours or their standards nor is a good representation of either of our brands.

Therefore they will need to be remade.

We understand how disappointing and frustrating this must be for you.

We too are very disappointed as this project has been close to our hearts and we loved the enthusiasm from you all when we released the presale. We have been doing all we can to obtain as many updates as quickly as possible. Loungefly have run into numerous frustrations/difficulties with their manufacturers which is transferred down to us and then to you; our customers.

While they do not have a specific date for the remake as yet, we are working with Loungefly to get a more specific date.

The most information we have right now is the worst case scenario would be by end of the year.

For all those who are happy and willing to patiently wait with us on this release (we appreciate you), we are working with one of our licensing partners to release a special, limited edition free gift as a thank you for hanging in there with us!

For anybody not able or willing to wait for this release, we understand. Please contact us at contact@eight3five.com for a full refund (we cannot initiate cancellations via instagram & Facebook messages, please email).

If you have any questions feel free to contact us via email.






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